Hello everyone!

My name is Edgar Perez, I am a Hispanic, Asheville Photographer based in North Carolina. I have an extended knowledge in Networking Engineering and Performing Arts, but originally started my journey as a Photographer in 2017. I have slowly been growing my knowledge in portraits, family, newborn, small and large event photography in the surrounding areas of Asheville. 

I am self-taught for the most part; however, I have dedicated time to entry level photography and varies intermediate/advance Adobe Photoshop courses.

If you were to ask me what my inspiration is or why I love photography, I would say,


"Look back at your lifetime and remember a time of complete and utter joy and happiness. Got it? You remember bits and pieces of it, but do you really, "remember"? Within a photo, millions of engraved memories and feelings are captured for that second. And the next time you look into that photograph, you will be able to remember that exact moment, endless amount of times."

But in short; I love capturing moments of heartwarming joy and with that, forming

E Photography Moments.

E Photography Moments 


Asheville NC 

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