Real Estate Pricing

E Photography Moments offers a variety of aerial and terrestrial photographic services for businesses and individuals throughout the surrounding areas of Asheville.

We can help provide you with custom virtual tours, tailored to your unique needs.

Combined with our architectural offerings, we can provide complete solutions for your real estate photography needs.

Our service area includes:

Hendersonville County and nearby adjoining areas of Buncombe counties.


Under 3,299ft² 

$100 + tax

Professionally edited photos

Online Digital Album & Print Rights

Twenty (20) to Twenty-five (25) HDR Photos

** All pricings are a one (1) time trip to property site **

Each addition photo is at a price of $3

Our featured add-ons are tailored to give your property a creative boost. All our add-ons enhance your experience. Upgrade your package to better fit your property needs.

It's sweet, simple and to the point!


Drone Photography

Selling or buying a listing on a grand scale and a need a bird's eye view? Aerial photography can show the scale of a large

property in a way that terrestrial photography can’t. We are able to capture unique angles that are outright impossible without the means of a drone use.

(Eight (8) to Thirteen (13) Aerial Photos)

Twilight Photography

Twilight photos are taken usually of the exterior of the property, at dusk. It's used to showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset. They are more likely to grab the attention of the buyer when a home search is performed and thumbnails of properties are returned. 


RAW Files 

Unedited photos of the property for you to edit and retouch as you wish.


Seasonal Shoot

We would be please to do a retake on your property in times of seasonal changes. Ideally taken in Spring when flowers, trees and gardens are blooming or Fall to capture the vibrant colors that surround the property. These are ideal for those owners that have some sort of property rental and what to keep their photos up-to-date.

(Up to Seven (7) photos, each additional photo will be at $5 each)


A 7% North Carolina Sale Tax will be added to all pricing.

All Travel expenses are based on the distance between the property and E Photography Moment's mailing address. For all properties, the first 15 miles of travel to the location(s) are included.

All miles in excess of 15 miles are charged at $1 per mile.

Photography Add-Ons

3,300ft² to 5,299ft²

$140 + tax

Professionally edited photos

Online Digital Album & Print Rights

Twenty-five (25) to Thirty-five (35) HDR Photos

5,300ft² and Up

Contact for Detailed Inquires

Professionally edited photos

Online Digital Album & Print Rights

Over thirty-five (35) HDR Photos

E Photography Moments 


Asheville NC 

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