All prices listed below are the introductory collection prices for each package

with print rights and all edited photographs taken during your session,

Once you have an idea of what type of session you are looking for, contact us to personalize a package that fits your needs.

We will build your own custom collection by either choosing additional hours, adding products such as prints, canvas and albums, USB Drives or detailing certain photographs.

All collections include an online gallery to view and share images.

You can feel safe knowing that not everyone will have access to view your photos! We provide a personalized password, access code with each session; so that only you and anyone you share the code with has access to view and download your online gallery.

Each package is eligible for a group discount if you book more than one session! 

Creative Portraits

We believe a portrait should mark a time in a person’s life while remaining timeless. When viewed it should be emotive, an experience to remember.


Gender Reveals

One of the most memorable moments in a parents' life and for every memorable moment there is a photo in which to reminisces the day you found your child's gender.


Lifestyle Family

A journalistic approach that captures your life as it really is in and around your own home! Focused on capturing everyday life with household traditions, favorite toys and even pets.



You are all set with the preparations and the day has come! Your prom date is ready and your friends are anxious for the night, rest assure we will capture every step of the night!



Relationships are like the tides: they ebb and flow. And when that tide is high, it’s utter bliss; every moment is filled with smiles and laughter and a photographer to capture it.


Baby Santiago-32.jpg


Make room for these shoots as they are delicate, beautiful and of essence for the new member of the family. Ideal age for baby should be between 7-12 days after birth.


Whether you are part of a sport team, dance team, club or your work family needs some photos for the office, we are happy to help capture the excitement!



Pets are as close as family, so it would only make sense to include them in our photo wall at home! Session are sweet and short to ensure your pet doesn't get anxious around the camera.



Engagement photo sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other and to establish a comfortable relationship before the wedding day.



Seeing your little ones grow through photos is heartwarming experience. Whether your child hit the 3, 6, or 12 month mark. Be sure to have a wall ready for the life stage photos of your child growing!


Life has a lot of big life changes that help us take a little time to stop, breathe, and enjoy these special moments life curves you with. It is important to engrave those memories in a photo-safe keep!



Drone photography is a great way to acquire a different perceptive to your home, land, property or event and it's gives spectacular landscape views!

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